• What is ATP?

    The Alternative Travel Project ATP – is a global initiative founded by actor Stana Katic in 2010. Today, the Alternative Travel Project is a non-profit organization that motivates individuals around the world to GOcarFREE by using alternative travel methods (pedestrian, public transportation, bicycle & gas-free new tech) for social, health and environmental benefits.

    Our ATP headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California.


  • How can I ATP?

    You can ATP by picking ONE DAY a week and making an effort to GOcarFREE – by foot, bus, bike, rail or your unique choice of car-free transportation.

  • How can I spread the word about ATP?

    Help us expand our global reach by connecting with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • How can I upload my ATP story?

    Your ATP stories across the globe inspire and move us. CONNECT with us to share your dynamic ATP stories (with fotos!) and you can be featured in our new ATP AROUND THE WORLD page.

  • How can I support ATP?

    As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we welcome your DONATIONS. Donations are tax deductible* and all funds go directly towards the advancement and growth of ATP.

    *for U.S. residents only

  • How can I get in touch with the ATP Team?

    For additional inquiries and press, visit our CONNECT page to get in touch with the ATP team.

  • Do you have any ATP merchandise?

    It makes us happy to see our ATP gear worn around the world – whether by foot, bike, bus, or train. We will be releasing more merchandise very soon. For availability, visit our ATP STORE